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How Andover Locksmith picks a jammed lock

At Andover Locksmith, we see a lot of jammed locks. Some you can un-jam yourself, but we recommend calling a trusted professional at Andover Locksmith. Lock's jam for a lot of reasons, such as extreme weather, rust and worn out keys. First, Andover Locksmith verifies that the key that is being used is the correct key, but if you're in an area below freezing, that key may not work until it is a certain temperature. A Andover Locksmith will try to warm it by holding it in their palms and breathing on it. If this doesn't work, Andover Locksmith will try lock de-icer. For the opposite situation, extreme heat, Andover Locksmith may put some dirt on the key, wipe it off, and file the key a bit.

Andover Locksmith may also lubricate the lock with a silicone based lubricant. This makes it easier for Andover Locksmith to insert the key, and you may see Andover  Locksmith put some graphite on the keyhole if the lock stays jammed. This may take Andover Locksmith up to four attempts to get the lock open. If a deadbolt is being used, Andover Locksmith will need to properly align it so it can sit properly. They may use a specialized file made by a certified Andover Locksmith, to make the hole wider, or remove a part of the lock called a “strike” with a specialized screwdriver and placing it back in it's proper position. This is something a skilled Andover Locksmith should be doing, because you could easily break the lock, and then you'd get a bigger bill from Andover Locksmith!

In some scenarios, the entire plate must be removed by Andover Locksmith. The locksmith from Andover Locksmith will have to re-tighten the screws, then attempt to open the lock again. If Andover Locksmith can't open the lock after trying this once or twice, the lock will probably need to be replaced by a certified Andover Locksmith. Andover Locksmith may carry the lock in their inventory, or a hardware store will have one, it's up to you to decide what price to pay. They should be very similar in price, Andover Locksmith will probably give you the better deal. It is best to let AndoverLocksmith resume their work and install the new plate for you, and get the lock working. In some scenarios, Andover Locksmith just can't salvage the lock. Rust is one of those scenarios. It takes years for rust to eat away, and newer locks are coming out stainless steel – so they don't rust. A key may get stuck and break in a rusted lock, requiring a locksmith from Andover Locksmith to come attend to it. But don't worry, Andover Locksmith will get the job done, get it done right, and make it affordable.